WTB, not another damn acronym…

Do you ever find yourself giving out a “WTF” at least once during your day? Well I most certainly do and I’m here to relay my moments in the hopes of getting a chuckle or two from you. However, I’m going to change my acronym to “WTB” (what the blog) in order to build my brand with a memorable yet catchy moniker. Feedback is most welcome…

My WTB moment came today as I sat enjoying an extra large tea at my local American coffee shop chain (they have free WIFI afterall). I’m sitting at one of the tables with my back to wall so that I may view the goings-on with the patrons (a favourite pastime). Outta the corner of my right eye I see an older gentleman sitting in one of the lounge chairs. Nothing out of the ordinary right? He’s wearing a nice sweatshirt with jeans and some rather trendy trainers. He’s sipping his beverage (not unlike the rest of us) and reading his mobile. Again, all very typical behaviour…UNTIL he stands up. Holy geez, he almost falls over and tries desperately to stabilize himself on his two left feet (I’m embellishing but you get the picture). He’s stumbling all of over and doing a couple of twirls while trying to extract a cigarette from his pocket. I honestly couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He then starts doing laps (yes, actual laps) around the coffee shop until he finds the front door, hahaha

I’m really hoping that this was all due to intoxication as I would feel like an asshole if it were anything different. He proceeded to smoke, came back in only to repeat the same process 3 times over and I cackled every time. It was pure entertainment but here’s the funny thing, the rest of the 20+ patrons didn’t flinch. Not one person looked up or acknowledged his behaviour. C’mon people, get a sense of humour, this is a classic WTB moment!

more to come…

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