Housesitters abound…


So I just joined TrustedHousesitters, a community site that allows registered users to meet pet/home owners who are in need of a caretaker while they travel. You can house/pet sit for free in different locations around the world and for various lengths of time, such an awesome concept! I was perusing through the listings for a nice getaway and let me tell you, these folks are pet crazy. I happed upon a listing where the lady had 5 dogs and 25 cats (can one of my friends/family please knock me upside the head if I end up keeping company with more than 3 animals at any one time, unless of course it’s a hobby farm in which I rescue abused animals to live out the rest of their lives in peace in which case I expect funding from y’all to help to cover costs). Another listing had 1 armadillo and 1 donkey but guess this…the donkey’s “stable” was situated right beside the home’s kitchen so that the donkey (such an ass…) could poke its head through the customised, partitioned door for a visit (WTB!!). Just when you thought you’ve seen it all?!!

More importantly this type of accommodation can allow you to travel on a budget (which bodes well for the ‘ole pocketbook) and experience the local culture at a more intimate level given that you are an animal lover. What I can say is that these homes are far from being kips and seem like very extravagant lodgings with some owners even offering the use of their vehicles in the event that you don’t have a car. I CANNOT wait to try a few of these out, there’s definitely going to be a story or two, no doubt…

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