Up what??

My latest venture…I’m freelancing through my newest find called Upwork, a site that pairs freelancers with virtual projects whether they be short or long-term, your choice. There’s a plethora of projects to choose from but you have to be quick sending in proposals or you’ll be left in the dust. But I’m onto them now and am setting my alarm for the crack of dawn…so at 6am tomorrow, armed with my reishi-infused organic coffee topped with hazelnut milk (research the benefits, it’s the next superfood) I’m logging in and getting first dibs. Naturally being the “brilliant” blogger that I am, you’d think I’d go for the blogging projects but am hesitant seeing as I’ve got such a good thing going here. Besides, I’m not sure many hirers would appreciate my sarcastic and humorous approach.

With that being said, I swiftly realised that I needed to up my WP, SEO, SEM, CRM, WTB skills (did you notice my signature acronym?) in order to stay competitive as most project titles require hefty decryption these days (I just knew those online spy academy classes would come in handy). So I’m guessing a good start: identify what the acronyms even mean?? Enter (pause for effect)…the AD (acro-dictionary)! Armed with this beauty, I should be a serious contender in as little as 4-6 months if I really applied myself OR 4-6 days if I chose to “fake it until I make it”.

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-11-42-49-a-mSooooo…by this time next week (who really has 4-6 months to ramp?!) LinkedIn profile to include: “acronym SME (subject matter expert) looking for virtual freelance positions – comes with own dictionary”.

Sidebar…I did come across one project which made me LMAO when I eyeballed the fine print. In summary the project included copying and pasting titles from one document into another, easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy. However when I opened the sample document, wait for it…I saw a deluge of racy titles such as “Hot MILFs on Holiday” and “Steamy Sex Scenes with Madame X” (made-up titles for effect). I couldn’t click “submit proposal” fast enough – surely a future WTB!!


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